A few words about me ...

Hi there! I'm Răzvan and for the last 11 years I have been improving myself in creating lovely stories.

My passion for wedding videography started in 2012 as a simple game, and nowadays it is the work I identify myself best.
I love so much what I am doing and this is why I always try to bring new things and to innovate wedding movies. I want that every material I work at to have a glimpse of originality.

I like to believe that what I am supposed to record that very special day will become the most beautiful and treasured moment of your lifetime collection.

What is really true is that I will never stop learning. I invest my time and energies in improving my knowledge and skills in this field. This is why I took part in various workshops about wedding videography and I will continue joining this type of events in order to get better results and more experience about it.


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